Welcome to KinTek Care

All KinTek instruments comes with a two-year limited warranty. To extend your coverage further, we do offer affordable service contracts called KinTek Care for terms of one year or more. KinTek Care covers all parts and labor. All repairs are performed at the KinTek manufacturing facility.

Service Contracts

KinTek Care offers a yearly service contract for their instruments (any of them) for $3500. The extended warranty covers the following:

  • A warranty of the entire instrument and labor for one year and all parts excluding the expendable supplies (e.g. syringes, lamps, plunger tips). 
  • All repairs will be performed at the KinTek manufacturing facility. Proper packaging will be provided for shipping returns.
  • Technical support by phone, email and fax.

In addition, the technical staff at KinTek Corporation offers instrument relocation (i.e. from one lab to another) that includes setup and testing onsite. We charge on a case-by-case basis. Contact John Farr for a quote.

A completed decontamination form is required on all instruments before service will be performed.

Contact us to get details or a quotation for a service contract that meets your needs.