KinTek will be at the 61st Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society,  New Orleans, LA. February 11 - 14, 2017.  Come to see the best, most precise and reliable instruments and dynamic simulation software for kinetic analysis - Booth 430.  

Come to see demonstrations of our groundbreaking Auto-Stopped-Flow and KinTek Explorer kinetic simulation software.

The 11th New Enzymology Kinetics Workshop was given by Kenneth A. Johnson, Ph.D, January 3 - 7, 2016, at the The AT&T Hotel & Conference Center, Austin, Texas. By all accounts it was a great success! Participants were stimulated to think in new ways about kinetics and learned how to plan experiments and fit data rigorously using KinTek Explorer software. They all left excited to get back into the lab to use their new insights. 

The next Kinetics Workshop will be held in January, 2017 in Austin, TX.