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KinTek Explorer is a powerful software package that will change the way you design experiments and analyze data to solve mechanistic questions. Representing a paradigm shift in data fitting, the KinTek Explorer takes you past all the simplifying assumptions normally used in fitting kinetic data to extract mechanistic information. It helps you get the most out of your data while preventing the all too common errors in interpretation.


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Single Academic License for KinTek Global Kinetic

Software, instruction manual and one USB hardware key for each license ordered will be sent by mail. The software may be installed on multiple computers but will only run when the USB hardware key is installed. Notification of updates will be sent by email to the address provided. Warranty is limited to replacement of the Software or refund of the purchase price.

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Single Academic License for SpectraFit add-on

Each SpectraFit license is connected to a license for KinTek Explorer. The SpectraFit license will be added to your license key when order KinTek Explorer. Alternatively, if you already own a license for KinTek Explorer, KinTek will upgrade your hardware key at their headquarters upon receiving the hardware key from you.

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Two Academic Licenses for SpectraFit add-on
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Five Academic Licenses for SpectraFit add-on
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