Why should you invest?

  1. An important unique feature of KinTek Explorer software is the ability to scroll any rate constant, scaling factor or concentration and immediately see changes on the shapes of the curves. This fast dynamic simulation is important in learning about the underlying relationships between rate constants and observable signals, but is also critical in exploring the parameter landscape to find starting values for nonlinear regression or to examine how well parameters are defined by the data. 
  2. With KinTek Explorer, we fit experiments exactly according to the experimental protocol. That is, if you mix an enzyme with one reagent and the let it equilibrate for 10 minutes before adding substrate, that becomes part of the simulation. Up to 10 mixing steps can be programmed. Rate constants derived in fitting the kinetics also determine the pre-equilibration phase. 
  3. Using a single, unifying model, we simultaneously fit multiple experiments, including kinetic transients, steady state kinetics, equilibrium titrations, fixed time point assays and time-resolved spectra.
  4. After fitting data, we perform extensive confidence contour analysis. In numerous examples, other programs have been shown to indicate well-constrained parameters, when our confidence contour analysis shows clearly that the rate constants can be varied by orders of magnitude while still fitting the data. Only our confidence contour analysis provides a robust assessment of the extent to which the model is well defined by the data, helping the user to understand the information content of the data and avoid the all too common over-interpretation of results.
  5. You can easily use the software to design new experiments based upon all of your available information and possible alternative models, so that experimental protocols can be refined before you go into the laboratory, saving you time and materials.
  6. We are continually improving the software, and your purchase of a license provides an investment in the future as new features further enhance your ability to fit data with precision and confidence.

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