Robust Error Analysis

The KinTek Explorer outperforms the competition when analyzing the error in your kinetic model and in the raw data. A common mistake in the kinetic field is to mistreat the data and perform inferior error analysis. This can easily lead to scientific errors such as:

  • Over-interpreting the data.
  • Mis-interpreting the data.
  • Creating an overly complex model not supported by the data.

The software development team at KinTek Corporation has refined the error analysis engine in the KinTek Explorer, not only to evaluate goodness of fit, but also to estimate the extent to which parameters are constrained by the data by confidence contour analysis. 

Confidence Contour Analysis. The KinTek Explorer confidence contour analysis supersedes the standard error analysis. By determining the range over which parameters can vary, you can discover complex relationships between fitted parameters that are often overlooked by conventional error analysis.