KinTek Explorer Software


KinTek Explorer is scientific software for modeling, simulating, and fitting chemical reaction kinetics using numerical integration and nonlinear least-squares regression.  


Applications include enzyme kinetics, ligand-receptor binding, protein folding, and pharmacokinetics among others: anything that can be modeled with mass-action kinetics.


KinTek Explorer is used by the pharmaceutical industry for drug discovery and optimization, and by universities as a teaching aid and research tool. (links to section “some of our users”)


KinTek Explorer is available for Windows and OSX as a free download (link to downloads) for students and via paid license (link to purchase page) for commercial and academic use.  

We’re here to help: send us (link to email) your data and proposed model, and we’ll model your experiment and provide you with a file you can use to fully explore and fit your data using the free student version (download link).  For more information, see the downloads (link) page.