KinTek Explorer Download

Welcome to KinTek Explorer download page below you will find two different versions. The Professional Version is the fully featured software and used with a license key. The Student Version allows you to do everything that the Professional Version does expect import your own data, and you cannot export your fits or simulations for use in other programs. We are available on Windows and OS X. 

*By downloading this software, you agree to abide by the KinTek Corporation Software License Agreement.
* Current Software Version 6.2 Feburary 28, 2017
New Features of KinTek Explorer Version 6
* Industry users that purchased KinTek Explorer Professional Edition before January 1, 2015, must buy a new license.

Free software trial

Do you want to try KinTek Explorer with your own data? Simply send us a data file in Excel or as tab-delimited text along with a detailed description of your experiment, including the starting concentrations, and a description of your model. We will then return to you a mechanism file containing your data that you can open with the free student version of the software. Once you see the ease and power of fitting your own data using KinTek Explorer, you will see why so many investigators are adopting our groundbreaking software for all of their data fitting. Send data and information to